1-1 Sessions

Would you like to have a greater sense of peace, health, vitality, success and passion for life?

Through 1-1 sessions and workshops I can gently assist you to rediscover these feelings, helping you release the energy which is the root cause of discomfort you may be feeling in any area of your life.

My career as an energy healer spans three decades, and I work intuitively with each client, using various energy healing modalities tailor made to suit your requirements.

To give you an understanding of what I do and how it helps, below you can read some real case histories of recent clients (the names have been changed for privacy). They show, in practical terms, what the presenting problem was, what took place in the session(s), and what the end result was.

Weight Issues

Lose weight, apple with tape measureMike is a 68 year old male who has been overweight all of his adult life. He came to me complaining of an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach which was very distended and oversized. He also has shortness of breath and some other health issues.


Whilst talking to Mike I felt intuitively that the root of his weight gain lay in his childhood. I felt that something happened to him which then made him put on a ‘happy mask’ – and although he said that he was a happy person I sensed that his happiness wasn’t genuine.

We started ‘tapping’ using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which led to a childhood memory of when he was 8 years old. We used Matrix Re-Imprinting on that memory which then lead to another more traumatic memory when he was 4 years old – his mother died. We used Matrix Re-Imprinting on this memory.

Mike was flabbergasted and said that he couldn’t believe that he had been in denial of what happened all of his life. He took a little time to process this fact and when he was ready, we finished off the treatment by releasing the trapped emotions he had been holding onto surrounding this issue using a magnet.

The results

Mike’s pain in his stomach had gone immediately after the session and he said he felt much lighter. And in the weeks after the session, Mike began to lose some of the weight around his stomach.

Money Issues

Twenty pound noteFiona is a 45 year old self employed professional with financial worries because she wasn’t earning consistent money. The months she would be busy and earn a decent wage, were invariably be followed by bouts of dry weeks or months where she wouldn’t earn much at all.


We used kinesiology to detect if she had any trapped emotions connected to money issues and not earning a consistent good wage.

What revealed itself is that she had taken on an inherited belief and energy pattern around money from her Father’s side of the family which went back three generations. We cleared the energy from the three generations and replaced that energy with the energy of abundance and success. Remarkably the whole process only took 15 minutes!

The results

Within a couple of days Fiona had a full diary of clients and, more importantly, this remained consistent.

Work Related Stress

Stressed woman in officeJulie is a lovely 18 year old girl who was having problems at work with an ex-boyfriend who was also a co-worker in a small office they shared. He was making her life a misery, putting her down to cover up for his own inadequacies.

She was spending her time doing a lot of his work as well as her own to cover up for his incompetence around the job he was supposed to be doing. She was very tearful, unhappy, angry, resentful and not sleeping well.

The treatment

We used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to bring immediate relief to her stressed state. I sensed that Julie needed to learn how to love herself and she also needed to connect with herself by meditating on a daily basis. I gave her two Life Particle cards to hold in each hand and took her through a meditation / visualisation. This released the stagnant energy she was carrying; she felt an immediate shift and began to look much brighter. I then gave her a chakra balancing treatment using the Colour Mirror Bottles.

During this treatment we tapped on her anger and resentment and she concluded that it was her ex’s lack of self-confidence that was being projected at her and this was his issue – not hers. She also gained an understanding as to why he might be behaving this way and then was able to feel compassion towards him instead of anger.

After treatment home-care

I advised Julie to meditate twice a day with the Life Particle cards. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

In addition, I gave her a Colour Mirrors Bottle and a Colour Mirrors Spray to support her after the session. The bottle was to be placed under her pillow or by her bedside at night. The spray was to be used in her office when she felt she needed it.

I also gave her the affirmation ‘I love and approve of myself’ to say as often as she could.

The results

Things at work improved and were no longer an issue, and Julie returned to her bright, bubbly and happy self.

Depression, Anger and Anxiety

Depressed manAlex is a 50 year old professional male who came to me with depression, anger and anxiety. He had spent quite a considerable amount of time and money in the past trying to heal this issues but to little avail.


Alex committed to weekly sessions and so progressed quite quickly. He also completed the ‘homework’ I set him and began to have confidence that what he was doing with me could really help him. We started of using E.F.T.  which almost immediately helped him to feel better. We used Matrix Reimprinting on family and school related memories.

I taught him how to breathe in ‘ golden light ’ into his abdomen to help centre himself and advised that he become familiar with Dr Marshall Rosenberg’s work on Non-violent communication. He also received chakra balancing sessions using the Colour Mirror bottles and the ‘chakra Seeker’.

We also used creative visualization to assist in creating what Alex wants to create and experience in his life.

Results so far…

Alex’s anger has reduced by 80%. He is now realising that how he thinks and feels is directly related to what he experiences in life. He also now has the tools to transform negative feelings and thoughts. He is happier, much more positive and is enjoying life once again.

Work Stress

Stressed office workerKim is a 45 year old professional female, heading up a team with huge responsibilities. She came to me with severe work related stress which was making her life a complete misery. She felt tearful most of the time and couldn’t see a way forward.


We began with chakra balancing treatments which helped calm, balance and energise Kim’s system to help her cope with the constant challenges she was facing on a daily basis. We then used EFT and Matrix Rimprinting on various traumatic memories which were still etched into and feeding her energy system. We used magnets to release ‘trapped emotional energy’ and gave Kim tools to block negative energy being directed at her from work colleagues.

I taught Kim how to use ‘life particle cards’ in meditation to help energise herself and also how to use creative visualization to manifest a brighter future for herself.

Kim followed up diligently with her EFT homework and began to have a change of perspective where work was concerned.

During the time I have spent working with Kim, I have also cleared the negative energy of her workspace using a crystal bowl, replacing it with positive, productive energy.

Results so far

Kim is so much happier now and has a sense of personal power that she didn’t have before. She has helped implement many changes at work and is now enjoying the positivity this is bringing. She is now much more able to centre herself amidst the chaos and can now see a much more positive way forward.

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