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About Anita

Anita K Young AMT, EFT Adv, MRI is an inspired therapist and natural workshop leader, specialising in motivating, supporting and helping people to unlock their true potential. She is a member of the Association of Meridian Therapists & is qualified in Colour Mirror Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix ReImprinting.

Creating from Integrity…

When there is integrity in our creations, there will be ease, relaxation and inner joy in our world… what you create will benefit yourself and others because you are in integrity with your inner knowing…

You are being true to you and you are not trying to appease or gain something from another – which is a very subtle difference. You haven’t abandoned yourself in order to fulfill someone else’s agenda!

So next time you create something (and we are all creating our lives every moment) – have the awareness of the energy of integrity… you will know you when you are in alignment with your own integrity… your body will feel relaxed, your mind at ease and there will be inner joy in your world.

Have a great week everyone.

Fill yourself with pure positive energy

Pebble labyrinth

Seemingly we all have our own unique way of connecting to and embracing pure positive energy, and when we do – oh boy do we get to experience the complete deliciousness of life. For me, I have to experience this through chi energy with my whole body.

Walking the labyrinth

Sometimes, although not as frequently as I would like, I attend a Friday Morning Group at St Michael’s Sanctuary in Ewell. One such Friday, the morning was being hosted by Gillian Lenane, and the topic was Labyrinths. Gillian had created a beautiful labyrinth  out of huge pebbles in one half of the sanctuary, and after a relaxing meditation, we all took turns to walk to the centre and back out again.

What amazed me was when it was time for my walk, I began to walk with a tai chi like movement breathing in the energies with my whole body as I meandered my way to the centre. It felt as though I was connecting to the Sacred Divine Feminine as I was gathering up these energies. Once in the centre I felt an immense love energy fill up my whole being before literally dancing my way back out.

A huge transformation had taken place within me and I felt on top of the world. Whilst others around me were meditating quietly, I wanted to dance and laugh with a huge smile upon my face.

I made an intention on my way home to keep hold of this fabulous feeling no matter what. Sure enough, upon returning home, my partner was having an ‘off day’ but I was able to be sympathetic to his feelings whilst still keeping my energy high. He even made a comment ‘what have you been doing?.. I want some of it..’

Maintaining the good feeling

The children were in niggling moods, and still I managed to keep my vibration high. I put on some music and I began tackling a mound of paperwork that had been piling up for a good 6 months. I had the whole lot cleared within a couple of hours but the true gift of this high energy state was that those around me began to transform their lower energy states and raised their vibrations up to meet mine. Everyone became happier and more loving; giving way to a wonderful afternoon…

This was certainly a great lesson for me in the true power of pure positive energy.
My great friend Jill Din has developed a ‘seeker healing system’. When I became attuned to the seeker energy,  I could feel that this was pure positive energy and Jill certainly reflects this… She is always laughing and having fun… and no wonder – she has found her pure positive energy source.

I remember a few years back listening to Esther Hicks saying that we are born as pure positive energy and that is our most natural state. She then went on to teach that you can become more in alignment with your own pure positive energy state by consistently reaching for thoughts that make you feel better. Try it – it works…

Seeing as you hold all of the information you need inside of you… In times of quietness, sincerely ask yourself  ‘What is my way of connecting to and filling myself up with pure positive energy?’

Keep your eyes and ears open – for a way will be shown to you

So whether it’s meditation, tai chi, dancing, singing, walking in nature, painting, writing – whatever it is…when you find your way… In the famous words of Nike…JUST DO IT!
And do please let me know how it’s working for you…

Thanks for reading  folks!

Until next time

Anita x

The Emotion Code


There are simple ways to get physical and emotional pain to leave your body, mind and heart, permanently. We don’t always need to go in to the story or keep reliving old painful memories of events that happened in the past.

One of the most direct and effective ways to free yourself from painful aspects of your life is by using The Emotion Code which deals directly with the true, underlying cause of the pain. You can purchase The Emotion Code book by Dr Bradley Nelson on Amazon, and download materials from his website to get you working with the code straight away.

How does The Emotion Code work?

Unreleased emotional energy is likely to be at the root of over 80%  of the physical and emotional pain we feel. Intense emotions that we carry from life’s experiences can leave us hurting in more ways than one. This is where The Emotion Code can help.

The energy of the emotions that we experience during painful situations like divorce, physical or emotional abuse, the death of a loved one, a car accident or redundancy can become trapped in the body’s energy field and remain there until they are released. Even seemingly insignificant and soon forgotten experiences can result in trapped emotional energy which over time – if not released – stagnates and can lead to illness and decay.

We use a kinesiology sway test to determine a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ response from the body and then obtain information relating to the problem. When all information is gathered and understood, we then release the trapped energy using intention and a magnet.

We can then reframe the experience by bringing in positive new energy if required.

Thanks for reading

Anita x

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Smiling woman

Emotional Freedom Technique (often referred to as EFT) is a great way to begin building a bridge to the True Self. By tapping on various meridian points on the upper torso whilst stating the problem and then stating that you love and accept yourself – something miraculous happens. Energy blocks become released and you feel a sense of relief. The more you ‘tap’ the more you release and the better you feel.

With the releasing also comes wisdom. Invariably we then change our perspective on the presenting problem and hey presto – it is no longer seen as a problem, healing has taken place.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is simple to learn and can be used on anything by anyone.

Sometimes, whilst ‘tapping’ a specific memory comes up.  This is the original point when the energy pattern which no longer serves you became imprinted in your subconscious as a limiting belief or survival strategy on some aspect of your life. In this situation, to compliment the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), we can use Matrix ReImprinting.

Matrix ReImprinting

This technique literally releases the energy and reframes the experience. Matrix ReImprinting replaces the old energetic pattern with a positive energy, which will then serve you better going forward because the energetic pattern has now been changed.

Helping you to be your authentic True Self

There is no point in being anything other than authentic – the only problem is that most of us weren’t taught that we were ‘enough’ when we were young, and we began to develop a mask or a false sense of self in order to get by, fit in and be accepted by the world and our peers. This inevitably took us away from our authentic selves and we began to live a life based on the false sense of Self based on the belief of who we were.

Over the years this most probably took its toll on us. We most probably made choices that didn’t serve our best interests and as a result we may have built up layers of stress related energy resulting in tension, illness, financial worries or unhealthy relationships in our lives.

Our creativity may have become blocked, we may be experiencing weight issues – either over or under, and we may have lost the feeling of vitality and aliveness that is essential to live a full and truly happy life.

If you are feeling that something feels wrong but you don’t know what it is – you’re probably right. Something is wrong – but what you don’t know is that you have all of the information you need inside of you to be able to put it right – and the right therapist can help you access that inner guidance and information you are seeking.

I can’t sleep…

Woman who can't sleep

‘I can’t sleep’… I barely heard the words which were waking me from my deep slumber. My body felt tired and aching as I opened my eyes and caught the shadow of Emily in the darkness, lurking by my bedroom door. ‘Come and get into my bed’ I hear myself saying in a dream like voice. She climbs into the massive Ikea bed beside me. I sleepily drape one arm over her little warm body.

Fifteen minutes later – coming to… ‘Time to go back to your bed now’ I whisper. Emily obeys, slowly padding across the dark room with me in tow. The light in her bedroom surprises us both in contrast to the darkness in mine. She climbs into her comfy bed and I nestle down beside her.

All of a sudden a feeling hits me – not a nice comfy, cosy, sleep like feeling, quite the opposite. I wasn’t prepared for this. I feel a slight anger start to well up in my body – this isn’t going to be easy…

The anger inside me begins to intensify and my mind becomes flooded with words of injustice, tiredness, busy day ahead, need sleep.

I imagine a triangle of light flooding the area where we are both lying – no shift. Next I imagine a violet flame surrounding us – nope – didn’t work either. The anger starts raging inside, so I ask for help, silently in my mind ‘help me please’.

I take Emily’s soft pyjama covered arm and start tapping on the soft paddy part under her little finger…
‘What’s wrong Ems?’
‘I had a nightmare’ she whispered ‘someone came into my room and tried to kill me.’
‘Just before I came into your room.’

So we started the EFT.
‘Even though I had a bad nightmare and someone came to kill me, I’m such a good little girl anyway and I’m safe now here with Mummy…’
She yawned – always a good sign.
We completed the first round of tapping.
There was still something lurking – it wasn’t completely gone.
‘What are you feeling now?’ I asked her.
‘Scared’ she replied.
So we did another round.
‘Even though I’m scared because I had a nightmare and I don’t want to go to sleep, I’m such a beautiful girl and I’m safe now with Mummy.’

It felt amazing. She was asleep within two minutes and my anger had vanished. I was feeling love and appreciation for this beautiful nine year old sleeping quietly…

If I hadn’t have asked in my thoughts, things might have been different. It was as though just asking allowed intelligence inside me to do exactly what needed to be done to get the peaceful result we both needed.


From The Heart…

Heart collage

Being energy sensitive I am amazed how seemingly little things can cause blockages in our energy systems, our heart energy in particular. Whilst on holiday during Easter I received a not so nice text from a family member. I sent back a carefully worded reply and deleted the text. Upon returning home some two weeks later, I found a small round ‘stone like’ energy blockage in my heart. Upon investigation – I realized it originated from receiving that one text. Having the means to release this energy – I duly did so.

But it made me think of the harsh environments some people encounter – how much it unknowingly affects their heart energy. Spiritual Master Jason Chan refers to the prevalence of Heart Disease which is now reaching epidemic proportions across the globe; to people having closed hearts… knowing that every disease has an energetic counterpart – I can relate to his teaching.

Energy blockages

When we have an energy blockage in any part of our system – it affects the whole. When our energy meridians are flowing, we feel happy, healthy, creative, inspired, full of energy and we love life… If we are blocked in any one area – it affects the whole. I know when I get a blockage in my heart because I become very busy in my head. Millions of thoughts rushing around and overtaking my feeling of peace…

This morning I awoke in such a state, so took a deep breath and relaxed and put my attention on my body and how I was feeling…. low and behold –  what I felt was an energy block extending from my heart that came out about 15” – yes folks – we protect our hearts good’n’proper if we feel we need to! The culprit? My children bickering, bordering on what I would term as bullying each other consistently over the past few days. I knew I felt deeply uncomfortable witnessing this behaviour – what I didn’t realise it just how much it affected my heart.

A ‘Heart Wall’

The blockage – what Dr Bradley Nelson in his Brilliant Emotion Code work – would be termed as ‘A Heart Wall’ – was the cause of my out of control thoughts and a very slight headache – makes sense doesn’t it! So, my heart wall began to dissolve as soon as I put my attention on it and immediately I began to feel better; more loving towards my son – who had appeared in my bedroom five minutes previously complaining that he didn’t feel well…. I’m not surprised – if my reaction was a heart wall – goodness knows what’s happening in his little energy system! Something I can release for him later.

So, if the new 5th spiritual dimension is living from the heart – I guess we’d better learn how to take care of our hearts on every level. It will improve our quality of life beyond measure …

Thanks for reading folks … until next time …