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Health, Healing and Empowering others to Live Their Truth is my Passion, and my blog posts reflect all things to do with Giving You Back to You. I Share ideas, techniques and information that will help you Live a More Authentic Life that is more in Alignment with Your True Self, promoting a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing and naturally unblocking your inspiration, creativity and zest for life.

I write what I feel inspires me, sharing stories and tools that have worked for myself and also for my clients. Sometimes these stories will include links to other websites that you may find useful on your journey to an abundance of health, positive energy and vitality.

Creating from Integrity…

When there is integrity in our creations, there will be ease, relaxation and inner joy in our world… what you create will benefit yourself and others because you are in integrity with your inner knowing… You are being true to you and you are not trying to appease or gain something from another – which Continue Reading »

The Emotion Code

There are simple ways to get physical and emotional pain to leave your body, mind and heart, permanently. We don’t always need to go in to the story or keep reliving old painful memories of events that happened in the past. One of the most direct and effective ways to free yourself from painful aspects Continue Reading »

I can’t sleep…

‘I can’t sleep’… I barely heard the words which were waking me from my deep slumber. My body felt tired and aching as I opened my eyes and caught the shadow of Emily in the darkness, lurking by my bedroom door. ‘Come and get into my bed’ I hear myself saying in a dream like Continue Reading »

From The Heart…

Being energy sensitive I am amazed how seemingly little things can cause blockages in our energy systems, our heart energy in particular. Whilst on holiday during Easter I received a not so nice text from a family member. I sent back a carefully worded reply and deleted the text. Upon returning home some two weeks Continue Reading »