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Heart collage

Being energy sensitive I am amazed how seemingly little things can cause blockages in our energy systems, our heart energy in particular. Whilst on holiday during Easter I received a not so nice text from a family member. I sent back a carefully worded reply and deleted the text. Upon returning home some two weeks later, I found a small round ‘stone like’ energy blockage in my heart. Upon investigation – I realized it originated from receiving that one text. Having the means to release this energy – I duly did so.

But it made me think of the harsh environments some people encounter – how much it unknowingly affects their heart energy. Spiritual Master Jason Chan refers to the prevalence of Heart Disease which is now reaching epidemic proportions across the globe; to people having closed hearts… knowing that every disease has an energetic counterpart – I can relate to his teaching.

Energy blockages

When we have an energy blockage in any part of our system – it affects the whole. When our energy meridians are flowing, we feel happy, healthy, creative, inspired, full of energy and we love life… If we are blocked in any one area – it affects the whole. I know when I get a blockage in my heart because I become very busy in my head. Millions of thoughts rushing around and overtaking my feeling of peace…

This morning I awoke in such a state, so took a deep breath and relaxed and put my attention on my body and how I was feeling…. low and behold –  what I felt was an energy block extending from my heart that came out about 15” – yes folks – we protect our hearts good’n’proper if we feel we need to! The culprit? My children bickering, bordering on what I would term as bullying each other consistently over the past few days. I knew I felt deeply uncomfortable witnessing this behaviour – what I didn’t realise it just how much it affected my heart.

A ‘Heart Wall’

The blockage – what Dr Bradley Nelson in his Brilliant Emotion Code work – would be termed as ‘A Heart Wall’ – was the cause of my out of control thoughts and a very slight headache – makes sense doesn’t it! So, my heart wall began to dissolve as soon as I put my attention on it and immediately I began to feel better; more loving towards my son – who had appeared in my bedroom five minutes previously complaining that he didn’t feel well…. I’m not surprised – if my reaction was a heart wall – goodness knows what’s happening in his little energy system! Something I can release for him later.

So, if the new 5th spiritual dimension is living from the heart – I guess we’d better learn how to take care of our hearts on every level. It will improve our quality of life beyond measure …

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