I am grateful to people who have kindly given the following testimonials about my work, names have been changed to preserve confidentiality…

quotemarksA couple of months ago I noticed an itchy rash developing on my tummy which had turned dark in colour. When I mentioned this to Anita she suggested that I place a life particle card directly on the area every night and see what happens.

I did this and within 15 minutes I felt heat in the area where I placed the card. Anita reassured me that this was healing taking place. I used the card every night for a couple of weeks and to my surprise the itch stopped and the skin reverted back to its normal colour… what was also surprising however was the effect it had on another condition I had.

For months I had been suffering from Tennis Elbow in my right arm, and went to see a sports therapist who gave me some exercises to do and told me to place ice on it every day. This gave me short term relief but as soon as I used my arm for any normal activity the pain would return.

Since holding the life particle card with my right hand on my rash, my elbow has also really improved. In the past, during the night moving my right arm to a different position really hurt but now, since using the life particle card, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

I have never been a believer in alternative non-medical cures but my experience with the Life Particle card has definitely changed my point of view and I still continue to use it.

Tuck Weng

Quotation marks imageI was forty five years old and found myself working in a senior position, managing sixty people. When I met Anita I was dealing with high levels of stress at work, resulting from the fact that I was tasked with implementing imposed new expectations.

Unfortunately, a large number of the staff were unable to meet the expectations. Having spent a lot of time supporting them through the change, they knew themselves that they would be unable to meet the new expectations and became very angry.

Anita provided an oasis of calm. I was able to be honest with her, and she offered me an unbiased opportunity to come to terms with the situation, and most importantly, to realise eventually, that none of it was personal. She supported me so that I could manage the situation in the best interests of all involved. She employed a myriad of approaches as we negotiated our way through the months. Anita’s calm, gentle approach meant that I felt safe in her hands. Her wealth of expertise meant that she tailor made the programme that we worked through.

Anita helped me to see that there was no fault anywhere, just all of us making our way through the lessons we need to learn. Now that the crisis at work has been resolved, I am continuing to work with Anita as I can see how much I have learnt from her and am keen to learn more.

I wholeheartedly recommend Anita as a true teacher – offering lessons in how to more easily negotiate our paths thought this life, and as a ‘safe place to be’. Thank you Anita!

quotemarksBefore I met Anita my life constantly revolved around thoughts of the past, the mistakes that I had made and I was constantly putting myself down, it was getting to the point where I just couldn’t seem to think clearly, wasting so much time and energy feeling angry,

which finally led to depression. Looking back I was simply attracting negativity and negative people. It was such an exhausting way to live and I felt that life was just passing me by – the feeling of fed up with feeling fed up.

I began to think that medication maybe the only way ahead and this really was an avenue that I did not want to pursue so I began to search for other cures.

I attended a Holistic Fair at Dorking with my partner, sat through several presentations and that’s where I met Anita. I was extremely sceptical at first and questioned this methodology.

After the first initial meetings with Anita I noticed that I began to feel happier and things didn’t seem such a burden, I then embarked on Matrix Relmprinting with Anita, which is a very powerful thing as it helps you to confront the past and your deepest issues. Combining this with Emotional Freedom Technique, Relaxation and Chakra Balancing with Anita I have began to see the sunrise of life again, enjoying the warmth it has to offer.

Using these methods within a safe and caring environment that Anita creates it has provided me with a positive path ahead, one in which I feel totally comfortable in sharing life’s issues in front of her.

Anita has provided me with a solid, believable way forward with a real and beneficial alternative to medication, furthermore it has given me more confidence and self-discipline combining a strong and positive approach to life.

Nowadays, I am more alive to life, feeling positive and utmost I am beginning to love myself again and those close to me more deeply.

Thank you so much for your help Anita


Quotation marks imageI had never heard of E.F.T until I saw the notice in Curves gym. I attended the workshop and found it so interesting that I arranged for a private session. I was truly amazed that one session with Anita resolved a long term feeling of resentment and bitterness towards a close family member.

The technique has enabled me to let go of negative feelings and feel more positive. I have been so impressed that I recommended it to my son who
has many emotional issues, and he too has been amazed at the difference it has made to him.

Surrey mother

quotemarksI had never heard of EFT or ‘tapping’ and was therefore a little sceptical and unsure of what to expect from the group session. However Anita’s positive and enthusiastic approach to her work soon, if not immediately put us at ease.

Her explanation of EFT and hands on approach was extremely soothing and had an immediate calming effect and quelled many misgivings I may have had about the session. The ‘tapping’ technique is very gentle and can be used at anytime and for any situation, releasing held in thoughts and feelings.

I often do the sequence in my head when I can’t do it more physically. if in the future, there are more sessions, I would have no reservations in attending. It was an amazing experience.
Thank You Anita

Retired teacher commenting on an Emotional Freedom technique workshop

Quotation marks imageBefore my Colour Mirror Chakra Balancing Session, I was feeling run down, tired and unhappy. 30 minutes later I felt like a different person. I felt very positive and happy with a whole load of new energy. This definitely works.


quotemarksWhen I arrived at Anita’s I felt flat and my energy was low. Anita immediately tuned in to what what I needed and guided me to choose my colours in a mini colour reading, which were very significant. I then had a Chakra Balancing Treatment, which left me feeling revived and uplifted, and I left with a spring in my step. Wow, Wow, Wow!  Kate

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